Two roles, Assistant manager, Dynamic width, User pictures link, Org chart template, Support issues

Hey Plumsail, I was not able to reach you on [email protected] - not sure if the issue is on my side or yours, so trying here (I sent last mail on 2021/04/19 with no response). I have following issues I am not able to solve (our chart is based on AAD / sharepoint users):

Dotted manager - I am not able to have one parson with "two hats". So one person with two roles and different subordinates in each role.
Assistant manager - When assistant is also subordinate, ha appears two times in chart. I cannot get rid of this duplicity (I found topic to this which says chart should solve this issue alone, but it apparently doesn't work on my side)
Dynamic width - Is it possible to set width of box dynamic according to name string length? So the name doesn't wrap.
User pictures - I tried to use pictures in chart boxes by link ( [{{WorkEmail}}]), I liked that pictures doesn't print in chart this way. But link stopped working few days ago, is there how to solve that?
Copy properties – is there a way how to set up org chart web part with script? Or how to easily copy paste all of the settings of chart? I want to use charts on project pages/teams, ideally pages which are set up automatic by PnP and I would like to include org chart there… is it somehow possible? Or what is the best approach here?

Hi @obudik ,

Straight to your questions:

  1. Unfortunately, it's not possible to have the same person in two positions in the Org Chart. The only option, as you've mentioned, is the one with Dotted line managers. You can, however, add a duplicate user for the second role of the same person, this way it will be displayed as you intend to;

  2. Can you, please provide some info into how the assistants are indicated in your data? Is your Org Chart based on user profiles? If so, do you use the default "assistant" field in the user profile to indicate their assistants? Please send a screenshot of an assistant that appears two times in the same chat and a screenshot of that assistant's manager profile with the corresponding "Assistant" field filled. (Please feel free to erase any sensitive personal info);

  3. I'm testing the possibility to resize the box width, I will update the answer soon;

  4. Unfortunately, it looks like MS has deprecated the access to the profile pictures with the outlook API. To get the access to the profile pictures, try the following Delve link:{{UserName}}&size=M

  5. For now, there is no instrument to automatically provision Org Chart settings. I'll discuss this issue with our developers and see if we can suggest any form of workaround here.

Hi @v.uspenskii and thanks for the fast response!

Add 1,4 and 5 thanks for the info.
Add 3 great! Looking forward. I tried few different things but was not able to achieve the results I would like to. I tried to replace spaces, with @nbsp, which looked promising, but the box has some width limit and the text is "hard" split in the middle of the word at the max-width of the box...

Add 2 Yes, the org chart is based on user profiles. Yes, we do use the default "assistant" field. I tried different managers and different assistants but still achieve the same results. I think everything is set as it should be, but see attached screenshot - hope it is clear from that. (maybe I could try a custom field for an assistant? could it be better? - probably the only option I know I did not try, yet...)