Unable to create new tickets, agents or update replies to the introduction tickets


We have an On Premise Sharepoint 2013 farm where we have installed a trial version of Plumsail Helpdesk.

  • When creating a new ticket the usual form loads but when saving the item doesn't appear to show in my tickets or all tickets?
  • If I create a new agent the new agent doesn't appear in the list.
  • If I reply to an out the box ticket the updated reply doesn't show in the ticket?

In short I can't create new items to any of the helpdesk lists and it seems the forms fail?

I have tried uninstalling / re-installing the solution, creating a new site collection etc but get the same problems regardless, there are no errors in ULS, timer jobs all appear to be running fine and I am able to create new items in others lists in different site collections under the same webapp. Has anyone comes across this issue before?

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Hello Rory! I have turned to developers with your issue and it will take a while before I will be able to reply to you. Just letting you know that the topic is not missed.

Rory, could you provide us with a series of screenshots that demonstrate the issue with inability to create a ticket? Also, you could record your screen to video (for example, using a simple app ScreenToGif or any other you'd like). We need it to reproduce your steps exactly in our test environment.

Besides, after reproducing the issue, please share DevTools and SharePoint logs with us (you can send the data to my in private message or raise a ticket on the issue by sending an e-mail to [email protected]).

Hi Evgeniy,

Support ticket has been raised with the information you are look for [#SP15145]

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