Unable to embed code in SharePoint Page for widget

When I try to embed the code for a web widget into a sharepoint page it tells me that only iframes are supported. Any help?

Here is the embed code for the widget:

Hello Bruce! Most likely, you try to use an "Embed" web-part on a SharePoint page instead of the one of the widget. Please, follow the guidance from this article.



I took a look at your instructions. The web widget does not show in my list of widget s and when I go configure the widget I get fewer configuration options: two screen shots below

Oh, I thought that you use SharePoint Online, but it turned out that the question is about SharePoint 2019. I need to consult with developers on this matter. Whilst, could you create a classic page and try to place widget there according to this instruction?

That worked after we switched the library to Classic mode and used internet explorer.

Unfortunately, for now, the widget works only on classic pages. You can switch library mode to modern one after you have created a classic page - the page will remain the same. If you must place the widget on a modern page, then use this web-part as a workaround. But it will be necessary to compile a package.