Unable to save the form | Max Reader Depth

Unable to save the form


The reader's MaxDepth of 64 has been exceeded. Path 'pc.model.rows[0].cells[0].component.model.rows[13].cells[0].component.model.items[0].component.model.rows[0].cells[0].component.model.rows[0].cells[0].component.model.items[0].component.model.rows[1].cells[0].component.model.items[0].component.model.rows[25].cells[0].component.model.rows[0].cells[0].component.model.rows[5].cells[0].component.model.rows[0]', line 1, position 132667.

Please check the application console (CTRL+ALT+I). If you need help, contact our support team.

Hello @shedev,

This is an unusual error. Could you please export the form and share it with us? I will send it to developers for review.

I can export the form; where shall I submit it - via support?

Dear @shedev,
Yes, please, send it to support@plumsail.com

I have updated a ticket elsewhere that covers this and other topics, all stemming from app package updates to my environment.

The issue is finally resolved. The link will expand upon this a bit, but in the end, I have been busy rebuilding my resources. Your product is wonderful and your support and knowledge sharing is appreciated.

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