Update a list item in any site - finding a common ID

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I’m using “Create a list Item in any site” to create a copy in listB of a list item in listA. I need to figure out how to match up IDs for the update of the listB item when the original listA item is updated. I have a columns (EEID) that matches in both lists as the ID #s will be different; the EEID is a text field with values like AAA1, AAA2, etc.

How do (1) I find the common ID to match my 2 items up for updating, and then use that in (2) the update a list item in any site action?

Hello Chris,
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There are actually multiple ways to do it. The easiest would be to build a dictionary with the values from listA and use this same dictionary to either create or update the item on listB.

Here is an example of how I did it on my side:

First I set a variable called EEID just to keep which item I want to look for.
Then I built a dictionary to use as properties for the next action.

Obviously my lists are really simple with only a couple columns so you have to do it according to yours. You can create properties looking for the correct value and using our variable.

Then is just a matter of adding the next action and setting the right parameters. Either for update list item or create list item.

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