Update SharePoint Group Properties

Good day,

I am new to this forum, we are using for now the trial version of Plumsail Workflow pack. We plan to buy the whole product after some more tests.

I am trying to change the group name with the “Update SharePoint Group Properties” action but I was not successful. I followed all steps and by creating the dictionary i used following Item names: “Group”, “Name”, “Groupname”, “GroupName”, “Group name”, “Group Name” and after Updating the group it does not change the name. What would be the right name for this property?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Senad,

Please use “Title” property, you can find an example below:

Hello Roman,

thank you for your answer. Title sounds the right answer but sadly the workflow still does not change the name of my group.

I created a group named “MyNewGroup” and I made this workflow:

It does not change the name of the group. My SP is on german and I’ve tried “Title” and “Titel” but none of them work.

Any advice?

Thank you


Sorry, I think I used syntax from Online version.
For on-premises it should be as on the screenshot below:

Hi Roman,

sadly this is not working too. I have set “Name” instead of “Title” and it’s still not changing the name. Could it be something else?


May I ask you to run workflow again and when it fails, collect and send us (at [email protected]) the latest log file from ULS log folder (usually it is located by the following path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\Logs)

Also, we can schedule screen sharing session, to diagnose the issue, for this please leave the request at [email protected]