Upgrading Forms

I have a couple of questions about upgrading our Forms for SharePoint Online product.

  1. Are we able to update directly from v. to the current version, or do we need to upgrade in stages?
  2. The upgrade instructions I received say “If you update the app package, without re-saving the forms, forms that haven’t been saved will become unavailable.” To clarify, the forms just need to be re-opened with the Forms Designer application and saved again then they will work, correct? The forms wont have to be recreated from scratch? Just making sure we don’t lose any of our forms!


Dear Jeff,

  1. Yes, you absolutely can: https://plumsail.com/docs/forms-sp/general/update-package.html
  2. No need to recreate the forms from scratch, just re-open and save them in the Forms client.

I Upgraded my Subscription but nothing happened. I did like two weeks ago. Sent message to support but nobody answered. What can I do ?

Dear @eikmeier,
Did you get a message that a support ticket has been created? If you did - can you tell the ticket #, we'll check it in our system and reply as fast as possible.

If you didn't - please, write again to [email protected]
You can also DM me the receipt # for the subscription and the email of your Plumsail Account.

No there was no ticket opened. I just followe the instruction.

When i click on support team it directs to my outlook. So i just wrote an e-mail.
I´m pasting the text that pops up in case you are not able to see the image.

"Your payment has been processed successfully. The plan will be updated shortly. If you won’t see any changes after refreshing the page in an hour, contact our support team."

Dear @eikmeier,
Please, DM me your Plumsail Account email - we'll take a look and make sure that the upgraded subscription is applied correctly.

Hi Nikita, sorry for this question, but how can i DM you. I didn´t find it anywhere.

Dear @eikmeier,
Just click on my name and Send message like this:

I think i found it but in another way. The way you showed is not availebla Well, my account is [email protected]. This s what it shows when i click on your name. Also when i click again i go to your page but there is no way to send a message. What i did was changing the reply just for you and not for the topic on the arrow on the left upper corner of the message box. .


Dear @eikmeier,
I've located the account and it has an unpaid invoice for an upgrade, which has been issued but not paid. I'm sending the invoice to [email protected], where you can open the PDF file and pay it via the link.