Upload Attachment error message

Hi! I am creating a basic Form on the Scooter(Free) plan and am testing the Upload Attachment field. I know that I am limited to 100MB on the free account but during my testing I am trying to upload files that are under the limit, such as 50MB, 60MB, 80MB etc and for all of them I receive a Error: File size too large error and they are unable to upload. My goal is to create forms for our end-users to fill out and upload documents or small video files if need be and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or missing.

Dear @jhollingsworth10,
Apart from the total 100MB limit, there is also a limit on an individual file size, for Scooter max file size is 20MB, more on these limits here - https://plumsail.com/docs/forms-web/licensing.html

There is also Max Size (KB) property for each Attachments field.