Upload file into multiline textfield

Hello community

In the Sharepoint standard form you can upload files directly into the text area in a multiline text field. This can be very useful because it means the text is related to a file. Unfortunately, when I use a multi line text field in a Plumsail form, this is not possible. Is there a way to realize this?

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Hey @DietmarDeeg,

In case of the Sharepoint standard form, the files aren't embedded into the text field, they are stored in the chosen directory of your site (like Documents).
This means you can achieve the same result by uploading a file to SharePoint, copying its link, and inserting it into the text field with Ctrl+K.

If you would like a smoother experience, we can offer you to implement a drag-and-drop interface for paid support hours. Please contact us at support@plumsail.com with a paid support request if you're interested.

Hi Ilia,

many thanks for your response. I have already suggested the procedure of manually copying the link into the text to our customer, but it is not accepted because it is too complicated. I will now try to find a solution using a second list. If this does not lead to success, I will return to your offer of a specific development.

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