Use PowerAutomate to save a file attached to a Public Form

I found this documentation (Upload files to SharePoint Document Library with Power Automate — Public web forms) that describes how to use PowerAutomate to save an attachment to SharePoint from a Public form, but it requires the PREMIUM PowerAutomate connector, which I do not have. Is this still required or is there another way to accomplish this without a premium connector?

Dear @donald.kantik,
Unfortunately, it's still required as the file needs to be downloaded from a URL. We're planning to add an action just for that and it will appear very soon, in the beginning of 2023.

Is there any update on an action for this?

I am still interested in being able to do this.

Hello @donald.kantik, @marstar,

The Plumsail's Download Attachment action is now available in Power Automate. You can try it out.