User/Member cant create Tickets


Ticket creation via E-Mail works like a charm but if i try to create a new Ticket via the Helpdesk directly as an Member i see only running you can see in the Attachment.

What´s the Problem here?



Hey folks,

The Issue was quite…simple.
User had no access to the “Settings” / Ticket Statuses Page, after modifying to Read Access everything works!


Hi Michael,

I’m glad it is working after permission change. Could you clarify? Did you have specific permissions for Statuses list?

HelpDesk doesn’t break permissions inheritance for Statuses list. Thus, if user has permissions to SharePoint site, it also has permission to Statuses list.

Understanding of your case would help use to prevent this kind of errors for other customers.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov