User Profile Custom Properites

Can you pull in the Custom Properities of a User Profile into a Form? Example we created EEID how would we pull that into the form so a user can see that information?

Hello @jktodd007,

Where and how did you add the custom property?

If the property is added in User Profiles in SharePoint Admin Centre, you can get it with PNP JS. Please find more information and code example in this article:

That worked Thank you so much!

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Is there a way to make it pull in the logged in users information?

Hello @jktodd007,

Please use the following code. It will show in console all available User Profile properties for the current user.

And the example of how to get the specific property you can find in the article which I shared before.

pnp.sp.profiles.myProperties.get().then(function(result) {
     var props = result.UserProfileProperties