User profile sync

Hi, we have tested the functionality of the tool using sharepoint lists, and love the results.

However we would like to move towards using an active directory sync/user profile sync, and were hoping the available features/workarounds could still be applied.

  1. We have had to create dummy user to have a specific layout and group certain teams, for example a ‘functional’ group, And then changed subordinates line manager to that box. So all functional team members are under that dummy box ‘functional’. However we don’t want the user profile field to show the manager as this ‘functional’ box. It should still show as the users actual line manager. And only the other chart should reflect the ‘functional’ box as line manager. Can this be done?

  2. We have a very specific ordering that includes letters and numbers, are we able to order using this type of field?

  3. In some cases we had to Create a dummy user and hide that user. This was to enable one manager to have 1 level showing, and 1 to have none. Is this possible, or another solution to give the desired result.

Are the above possible? We will be purchasing the tool with some paid support, so happy to discuss our requirements more.