Using a Field Twice in a Form

I need to show the Sharepoint column on one tab as an input as normal
Then on another show the same information as read only. I know I can use html control and append this data to a div…which works for my purposes except I don’t understand how to get the look up value.
I thought I could do something like…data.Category.Title but that does not seem to work.
How can I get the value of a look up? Is there a better way to do this then the HTML?
Thank you for your help.


Please try this code:


HTML control is a good solution, you can either use some read-only field instead.

To populate the <div class = "custom-control"></div> HTML control, you can use this code:

$(".custom-control").html("Your text").

@AlexZver I have decided to use this technique to create a read only section in my form and it is working great, how do I reference a people picker lookup value?

Dear @Lensteruk,

What do you want to display in the read-only section, a person name, email or something else?

Please try this code to retrieve the name:


and this code to retrieve the email: