Using Azure and showing Org Chart vacancies from a SP List

Hi, we have been using the Org Chart connected to Azure AD for a few months now. We now want to show vacancies however it seems I need to be linking employeeID's with the vacancy list. I don't have employeeID's coming from Azure AD.

Is anyone successfully using Azure AD as the primary data source and SP List for their vacancies?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @lumpycam,

The employee email address should be used instead of the employee ID in the 'Manager' field.

Here's what the correct configuration looks like:

Hey @a.cox

Thanks for your response. I've replicated your list with a new list - all columns are text, repointed the Vacancies list server relative URL to the new list.

Tested the connection to the list by clicking the Manage Vacancies from the Org Chart.
Entered data via this link. Confirmed data exists.
Still no connection to the Original Org Chart and no data coming through.

It's a head scratcher!

Hi @lumpycam,

Please make sure you reset your Org Chart cache after every change you make. To reset the cache, use the 'Refresh' button in the three-dots menu on the top right.

Yep - for sure. I've been hitting it so many times I think I have worn off one of the dots!!