Validate Email Format

I have users that are mistyping their email address. Is there a way that forms can validate if it is the correct format prior to submitting the form?

This is a sample from one of the errors:

Hello @Jamail_Serio,

You can add Masked Input common field to the form and select Email pattern in the field settings.


To save the common field value to SharePoint field, use this code:

fd.spBeforeSave(function(spForm) {
    fd.field('Email').value = fd.field('Text1').value

Where Email is the internal name of the SharePoint field,
and Text1 is the internal name of the common field.

I don't have pattern in the field settings.

I am using Plumsail 1.8.7

Hello @Jamail_Serio,

I'm sorry, me bad.

I meant the Single-line text field:


For which you can select the pattern type or create a custom one.