Validate Plumsail Date field

Hi Plumsail,

I found a little issue with the date field. The wizard doesn't validate the date field if the value entered is not in the correct format.

I want to ensure that the user enters the date in format DD/MM/YYYY. As you can see, there is a typo in the field but it hasn't been able to catch this typo.

How can I force the field to contain this format? I know I can force the validation using server side (SharePoint) but doesn't Plumsail have this built in?

I really think it's important to have this feature for the date field in a future release to exercise clean data.

Thank you as always for your on going support!

Hello @DryChips,

Yes, we are aware of the date field behavior. The Date field is based on Kendo UI DatePicker and it works as designed.

We will possibly update the field in the future, but there is no exact date. For now, you can add a custom validation to make sure the field value is valid:

    name:"Date validation",
    error:'Enter a valid date',
    validate: function(value){
           return false;           
        return true

If you want to change the display format of the selected date, you can set it using the code:

fd.field('Date1').widgetOptions = {
    format: 'dd/MM/yyyy',
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