Validation Rule on Specific Text

I have a single line text email field in my form, I want to block general emails that end in,, etc. How would I do that?


You can create a regular expression to validate emails.

I would start here: JavaScript RegExp Object

Then use this website to build it:

I would share mine but I don't have access to my Work PC.

Dear @cortese98,
The simplest option is a validator like this:

fd.spRendered(function () {
        name: 'Email validator',
        error: 'Domains and are not valid',
            if(value && (value.indexOf('')>=0 || value.indexOf('')>=0)){
                return false;
            return true;

Or do you want something more complex? A regular expression will work better if all blocked emails follow some pattern.

Emails would contain any of these domains and should be blocked. I tried you code and it did not work as expected.

Dear @cortese98,
Here's the same exact code used for the Title field:

If it doesn't work - check console for errors.

Simple fix. This is a Plumsail form not a SharePoint Plumsail form. Changed to fd.rendered and it works. Thank you.

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