Version History not loading correct version

Hello all, I've noticed that I can´t view item versions.
In "Version history", always shows last version when clicking on "View".

Any ideas why?

Dear @PedroJimenez,
What item version history are you talking about? Just any item? Can you send us some screenshots?

Also, is it related to Forms in some way? Can you see version history if the Forms are not used?

Hi Nikita, here you have more detail:

Is there another way to open a version within plumsail forms?

Thanks in advance

Dear @PedroJimenez,
I see, thank you for clarification! Unfortunately, it is not supported for now. It is on our roadmap, yet currently not the highest priority due to relatively limited use, but we'll definitely get to it one day!

If you really want to see this functionality available as fast as possible, we can offer paid support to speed up the process and assign a developer to it. If you'll consider such an option, let us know at [email protected], we'll evaluate the time needed and come up with a reasonable price for the paid support as we'd also love to see this functionality available.

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov We've solved it temporarily with a workaround. So we can wait for you to develop this feature.

Thank you!

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