Version History - Show Change Made

Have used the tutorial here to successfully show version history on a list. What do I need to do to add the specific change that was made next to the name of the updated field?

In Help Desk it shows like this:

At the moment the VH due component is showing this:

Dear @tmoreno,
Hmm, you're using the following instruction, correct?

Here's an example code just for the Title field, as it can get out of hand with many fields:

var observableField = 'Title';

Vue.component('version-history', {
    template: '<div><p v-for="(entry, i) in entries">{{entry.user}} modified Title <span v-if="entry.fieldOldValue"> from {{entry.fieldOldValue}} </span>to {{entry.fieldNewValue}} at {{}}</p></div>',
    data: function() {
        return {
            entries: []
    mounted: function() {
        var self = this;
        var listUrl = fd.webUrl + fd.listUrl;
        var id = fd.itemId;
                var prevValue = '';

                self.entries = versions
                    .map(function(value) {
                        var curValue = JSON.stringify(value[observableField]);

                        if (prevValue !== curValue) {
                            var entry = {
                                fieldOldValue: prevValue,
                                fieldNewValue: curValue,
                                date: new Date(value.Modified).toLocaleString(),
                                user: value.Editor.LookupValue
                            prevValue = curValue;
                            return entry;

                        return null;
                    .filter(function(value) { return Boolean(value) })

It can be adjusted to work with as many fields as necessary, but the code will be more complex.

I'm interested in this functionality as well. I'd like to have a full audit trail created that not only creates an entry that lists each field that was edited, but also what the value was before and after the edit for each of the edited fields. However, I don't have the javascript skills to figure this out myself. I'd be willing to pay for this functionality to be coded if that's an option either through Plumsail or a third party developer.

Dear @jtuckersage,
If it's simple fields, then you can just post the requirements here - we'll try to adjust the code to work for your case. If you have many fields and they are quite complex, you can send us all the information to [email protected], we'll see what can be done to adjust the code for it.