Version History

Hi All,

I just have a quick question, we are planning to update our Help Desk Version and one question came from a team member if it is possible to revert back to the previous version? Will there be an issue if the the update wasn't done in a long time?


Hello Tsegaye! I duplicate my reply in the ticket you raised here:

There is no way to revert back to the previous version. If you wish, you can download the latest installation wizard here (the old one should be deleted first) and install a new HelpDesk site to test the latest version. If the update has not been done for a long time, there should be no issues if the version you have at least 1.5.4. But there will be radical changes and the form customisations you have will be lost due to several changes of the default ticket layout. In this case, I would advise you to restore the customisation on the test site manually and export the forms using Plumsail Forms. Then, you will be able to import them on the production site after the update.