View Chart without having access to the source list


Is it possible to create a chart that can be viewed by all users regardless if the have access to the source list or not?

Thank you.


Dear @jaitsujin,
Unfortunately, that might not be possible, unless you were to export data after building a chart and use it in Data Source -> Advanced section as JSON. That would mean that the chart would be static - no amount of changes to the source list would affect it.

Why is this the case? Because, the charts are built each time user opens the page - and first step is to make a request to retrieve data from the list, then process it. This allows building dynamic charts, but that also means that users without access to the source list won't be able to use them.


I figured. I was hoping that here was some sort of anonymous access possible.
I can see lots of cases where you would want to show a graph but not the data itself. How can you handle something like that dynamically?


Dear @jaitsujin,
SharePoint list is just the source of data in this case, and the data needs to be accessible to the user one way or another. Maybe have some sort of data source list, where you could copy some of information via Workflow or Flow and use it to build charts, to make sure that original lists are inaccessible to the users.


That's actually brilliant. I'll go with that. Thanks!