Web service integration


I am new in usage of Forms. I am experimented user of InfoPath, and i have a lot of questions !!!

Is there a solution to integrate web services in plumsail forms ?



Hello @cbrunois,

Could you please clarify in which web services you are interested?


if possible, i ld like to use custom web services (own business/functional web services from our activities)

Jason or xml (wcs / webapi…. )

thanks in advance


You can get data from the external services while working with the form with the help of JavaScript.

If you need to pass data to the external services, you can do that with Microsoft Flow after submitting a form.

@mnikitina: can we use SharePoint External Data (eg. Azure SQL Field) with Plumsail Forms Designer?

Hello @stormanh,

Unfortunately, the external lists are not supported by the Plumsail Forms app due to technical limitations.

For external lists, you can try our older product, Forms Designer! It's very similar but builds forms for classic UI, and it does support customization of external lists.