What designer to use

Hi there,
Help me, please, to understand what designer to use for SP Online? Since we switched to the new version I have now two options installed:
06-14-2024 5-40-34 PM
I can open each of them to work with lists in SP Online, but forms that I create with modern UI do not open in the other one. The documentation that I can see online now seems to all focused on modern UI designer tool and the code examples are different as well. So what is better? What's the difference? Can you please point me to the article I can read about those two? I am lost a bit :slight_smile:

Oh.. Really Nice Question.. It is very helpful for me.

Hi @katy, hi @antonia_wilson,

Please use the Plumsail Forms 3 version of the app.
Forms created by Plumsail Forms can be edited by Plumsail Forms 3, but not vice versa.

Thank you @IliaLazarevskii !