What is the best way to create an embeddable document from a form?

OK I am super new here and was delighted to find Plumsail forms and have created a fairly complex kind of user manual which is exactly was I was looking to achieve.

The purpose was really to create an accommodation handbook where the property owner can outline all of the rules, regulations as well as helpful advice about the location etc.

However, I am now seeking a way for a user to complete the form and then have the results published / output on a website as a reference document.

Something tells me that I have gone about this the wrong way as my Plumsail research now kinda tells me that I should have created a documents FIRST and then the Form.

Is this the case?

Do I have to work through my form and create a document now with the tedious task of creating all the placeholders for every field that I need output or have I overlooked a process where a completed form can be submitted by a user and the content easily output as a non editable document in either html or pdf.

Any advice as to how I should proceed would be sincerely appreciated as currently I am going around in circle trying to understand the concepts.

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi @webaust,

Yes, the Documents template should reflect the forms elements and if the form is created you can either create a template from scratch of adjust some of the prepared templates.

Please find some examples of Plumsail Documents and Forms integration on the page.

Best regards,
Plumsail team