When a control is disabled, tab order gets stuck

Is there a method that fixes the tab order on a SharePoint form when certain controls are "disabled". I have a few fields set to disabled because they are updated via javascipt and read only on the screen. As I go down my form using the tab key, it flows great until I hit a disabled field and it just stops.

I tried just making them read-only but that seems to break the javascript function that sets the values using calculations.

Dear @pbehler,
You might be able to change it by changing the tabindex attribute - tabindex - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

I'm sort of new to Plumsail and been copying/pasting Java Script samples from the community that help make my forms work. I'm confused by the HTML code link you provided. I'm using Plumsail forms for SharePoint Online, would I add this code to the JS tab within the render code section?

I like the idea of using the

code but not sure where to insert it.

I tried adding
fd.field(fieldName).tabIndex = -1;
to the js tab for the fields I want to skip, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Dear @pbehler,
The following should work, but only for some field types:

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Worked perfectly for my text boxes. 5 stars

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