Widget install on Sharepoint 2016 on-prem

Followed install instructions on this page;
as good as possible on a on-prem Sharepoint 2016.
When I download from the link on above page, “https://static.plumsail.com/wp-content/uploads/Files/HelpDesk365Widget/plumsail-help-desk-widget-web-part.sppkg”, it saves as a ZIP-file…

Either way, if I upload this as a zip-file or rename it as sppkg-file it just uploads as a file - no dialog to “Make this solution available to all sites in the organization” shows.

Are there any other way to do this on-prem?

Hi @per.dahlstrom,

We don’t know why yet, but IE interprets .sppkg file as .zip. Please try to download file from Chrome.

Anyway, we don’t support SPFx widget web part in SharePoint On-Premises. You don’t need to install it. Looks like you follow the instruction for SharePoint Online version.

Please follow this instruction.

The instruction for on-prem Sharepoint does not work, that’s why I thought I had to install it first…
When I press “[+] New” i get a page with two forms input; “Title” and “Tickets per page”, and the “Save” and “< Back to widgets” buttons. Nothing else.
If i fill a name and a value for # of tickets, then press Save - nothing happens.
(Tried both IE and Chrome)

Hello @per.dahlstrom,

Could you answer the following questions so we can learn about your problem more?

  • Did you install HelpDesk to the root site of site collection?
  • Are you already using HelpDesk in production or you are testing it? Because if you are testing, you could install HelpDesk to subsite and it should be fine.

if it is not the reason of the issue, please open developer tools of your browser (F12), navigate to ‘Console’ tab, reproduce the issue and send us screenshots of the ‘Console’ tab and of the web page.
It is a known issue and we are going to fix it in the next release.

It’s a licensed production installation.
Installation was done months ago so I don’t really remeber, but it was updated a couple of weeks ago.
Looked into the logs and it seems to list all sites - so yes I suppose it’s installed in root-site.

Screenshot here

Hello @per.dahlstrom,

I have sent you an email to arrange a screen sharing session so we could investigate the problem on your side.

We have fixed the issue in our latest release.

It can be downloaded here.