Workflow 2013 Task form needs to be saved and reopened to be completed - SharePoint Online

I have a Workflow Task (Sharepoint 2013) content type which is displaying odd behavior; built in Plumsail Forms 2.0.1. Here is the code I'm using:

In the display form I use a redirect, so the user doesn't need to manually switch to the Edit form:

fd.spRendered(function() {
 var origUrl = window.location.toString();
 var editUrl = origUrl.replace("DisplayForm","EditForm");
 window.location = editUrl;

In the Edit form I hide the task fields:

fd.spRendered(function() {
 fd.field('TaskOutcome').hidden = true;
 fd.field('Status').hidden = true;

On the Submit Button I have:
fd.field('TaskOutcome').value = 'Approved';
fd.field('Status').value = 'Completed';

When the form is first opened it does switch to the Edit form, however the form field are not properly populated (Task Name, Assigned to). The form need to be submitted and reopened and then be resubmitted to work.


Dear @bnunweiler,
And why should they be populated? Is it default behavior or is it somewhere in the code? Or does a user populate them and it doesn't save?

The more information the better, some screenshots wouldn't hurt either.

The workflow populates them when it generates task. The end user then edits the task and selects approve / reject.

Dear @bnunweiler,
Not sure it's related to the Workflow, can you check the console for errors? Also, what happens when you open the Edit form normally?

No console errors. Not sure what you mean 'edit form normally'. It works with Plumsail forms and breaks when Plumsail forms are applied.

Dear @bnunweiler,
By normally, I mean if you open it directly, not via your code:
var editUrl = origUrl.replace("DisplayForm","EditForm");

We use the same methods as default modern UI forms, so there should be not much difference in how the forms operate, so it is strange.

Can you help recreate this behavior?

IE, Create a Sharepoint 2013 workflow . Assign a task and apply the SPForms to the task content type?

This would be most helpful.

Dear @bnunweiler,
Seeing as IE is no longer supported, do you have the same issue in Edge or Chrome?