Workflow Scheduler

I am trying to open the WorkflowScheduler.aspx to create New Workflow Scheduler but when the page loads no content is there to add new task as explained in the documentation !!!

sometimes it happen to me also, just press “F5” to force a reload the page and see if it works.

Hi @may.alfarsi,

Please open developer tools of your browser (F12), navigate to “Console” tab and reproduce the issue. Then send us a screenshot of the “Console” tab and of the page.

This will help to research the issue.

Any ideas on what could be the issue ???

Hi @may.alfarsi,

I transferred the issue to our dev team. They will research it and reply to you.

Hi @may.alfarsi,

I sent you the personal email message, asking for more information about your problem.

Any Updates yet … this is still a running issue

Hi, @may.alfarsi.

For investigating a problem we need you to reproduce the issue and send us a screenshot of the “Console” tab and the whole page.
Console tab is run from the Developer Tools in your browser (F12).

Also, send the latest ULS logs from your server after reproducing.
You may find ULS logs by this path:
(System Drive):\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS\