Working with SharePoint Server Publishing?


I have a problem.
If i deploy Helpdesk to a sharepoint subsite where “SharePoint Server Publishing” feature is activated, i get always errors with download of the plumsail.helpdesk.js in HD/scripts/ folder.

Can you guide me to use Plumsail Helpdesk with this feature ?
I need this feature to reuse master pages from parent website.

Thank you.


Ps : i use Sharepoint 2016 entreprise.

Hello Sebastien,

Could you please reproduce the issue, open console and send us a screenshot, so we could investigate it? To open console just press F12 on your keyboard and find the console tab on the new window.

Hello Anna,

Please find some screenshot.

Hello Anna,

Any news ?

Thank you.

Hello Sebastien,

Could you, please, send us your HelpDesk version number and the file plumsail.helpdesk.s from HD/scripts folder.

We will check it and get back to you right away.

hello Anna,

the version is the last 1.2.9

I have added the plumsial.helpdesk.js fiel (in ZIP format)

regards. (32.5 KB)

Hello Sebastian,

We made some small changes in the file. Please, replace it with the attached one. Please, note that you may need to clear your browser cache. (33.4 KB)

ok, i don't have anymore the popup with the error, but now i have a problem with the Kendobox which is naymore displayed.

The issue was solved after further updates of the plumsial.helpdesk.js file.