Write HTML to a Rich Text Field

I have 9 html tables that I need to get exported to a Word document. I am looking for a way to place that HTML in a rich text fields with plumsail but not seeing anything mentioning it in documentation. Is that possible?

Hello @JonH,

Please try to use the html formatter in the template.

You will be able to pass the HTML code to a docx template using the formatter.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

HI Petr,

Thanks for the reply! I have attempted to use this using the create DOCX document from template but getting strange results. It is creating the table but it is leaving the token in place in the document

if my token is {{weightdetails}:html} my resulting word doc contains {{weightdetails [mytablerendered as a Word table] }

I have seen you seem to have a second way of creating documents via processes. Is that necessary for what I'm trying to do?

Secondly is there a way for the html to just be rendered in the Word doc instead of being converted to a native Word Table? I was using a competitor Encodian and having success but because of requirements for other features of Plumsail we are trying to see if moving this workload to Plumsail instead of Encodian is viable.


Hi @JonH,

Using Processes is unnecessary for your goals. It's just another way of using the service along with Power Automate.

We don't have an action that converts HTML to DOCX but we have an action that convert HTML to PDF. Please check the description.

Also, if you share your DOCX sample and the HTML code (and the JSON) I'll check them and advise on how to insert the HTML to Word correctly.

Best regards,
Plumsail team