XLSX to PDF, getting old PDF Files


so i was trying to convert an XLSX file wich is filled by forms to pdf and then send it per mail with flow
so far so good it worked out perfectly fine since today. now it is sending out the answers from the person bevor. i checked the XLSX and it is up to date at all time.... the flow of it self seams to be ok but the PDF still shows the wrong information..... converting the file twice didnt help to
is there any problems with your service? can you please help me? :slight_smile:

Samy Schwank

Hello @Samy_Schwank,

  1. The action sends old PDF, maybe there is an issue with the location

  2. We indeed had an issue with another service recently. Could you try the action again and confirm that you still receive the "old" pdf?

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team


it still doesnt work as planned, can we might do an support seassion for this?


Hi @Samy_Schwank,
please drop us a message at [email protected] and refer to this topic!
Please send the screenshots of your flow with the settings visible so that we can recreate your flow in our environment in the details.

Also, let's try to check if the output pdf really doesn't match your xlsx file.
Please add an additional step to save both files to drive, you can choose any destination, say, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Just save the xlsx and then save the output pdf to see if those match each other. Let me know how it goes!