Year 2100 in Forms

It appears that in the latest update anything past the year 2100 will not save in a date. For example year 01/01/2100 will not save. Can you please advise.
Thank you.


Please, try this code:

fd.field('DateInternalName')._widget.max(new Date(2110,10,10))

I tried this code even tried using fd.spRendered {} with it and still did not save

Ok, I see. Please make sure you use spRendered() event handler instead of rendered() because only in first one widget is available.

Could you please provide the screenshots of your form, your code and the console browser right after the form loading?

Here is the code
fd.field('Expiration_x0020_Date')._widget.max(new Date(2110,10,10))


It’s very strange, why you still have problem with saving. Could you provide the screenshot of your browser console after loading a form, not Elements section, but Console section?