Your Trial Period has expired / Unable to check the supported version of the client applivation

Hello all
I have an SP farm with a frontend and an application server.
on the frontend I put the license file in the root folder of two web applications.

When I want to open a form with the designer on the application I get the error message "Your trial period has expired".

When I want to open a form with the designer on the frontend I get the error message "Unable to check the supported version of the client application"

On both servers, when I try to open a form for a list item, I also get the message "Your trial period has expired"

From a client machine everything works as expected. Both opening a form on a list item and the designer.
Since it's a customer environment and I only have access to the servers, I can't work on the forms at the moment. Please help me.

Hello @DietmarDeeg,

What URL are you using when connecting from the servers?

You must compare the complete URLs of the sites that regular users connect to with ones you are using. They must be the same.

Hello nikitina,
unfortunately, I have to come back to the case again. The problem still exists. I compared the form URLs on the servers and the clients. Both are identical. The license file is located in the root folders of both web applications. I am asking for additional help here. Possibly in the form of a web session so that you can watch it directly.
Thanks in advance


Dear @DietmarDeeg,
Well, we'll need the licensechecker page information as plain text for all web applications which experience the issue.

You can find it here:

{SharePoint URL}/_layouts/15/plumsail/forms/licensechecker.aspx

Send me text as DM or direct it to [email protected]