Actions Change Permissions Stopped Working

This morning all my workflows that use Change Permissions stopped working? I never changed anything in any of the Power Automate flows. The only error is "Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'source')"

Any idea what might be going on here? I have about 15 flows broke at the moment.

Same issue here. Multiple flows with errors and multiple instances within those flows have failed. The total number of failures at 50. We cannot restart any flows as this error is failing all new flows.

Hello! I could not reproduce the issue with the action. Could you check whether it still persists? If it does, @jerehder, please share the raw inputs and outputs of the failed action as text files (send them to [email protected] and refer to this topic):


The data provided by @raestrada, I have passed to developers for research.

We need this fixed ASAP or we will need to go a different direction on this. We are manually trying to keep up with our permissions on each workflow.

@jerehder, we can't reproduce the issue so without the information from your side we cannot research it. Please share the data I requested above.

We rolled back the recent changes on our back end. It should recover the service. Please check and let me know whether it works for you now.

Looks like they are working again. Thank you for getting this resolved.