Add category pulldown to web widget

I am running HelpDesk (trial) at the moment and also have paid Forms in Sharepoint 365.
I created a helpdesk widget and placed onto a sharepoint page on our intranet, as I want our internal users to be able to reach HelpDesk by filling a form instead of sending an e-mail.

I am trying to add the standard HelpDesk "Category" field to the widget, allowing users to choose from the pre-defined Question, Incident, Problem Request options.

I have no clue how to accomplish this. Going by the docs, I understand I need to download the template, open "Design a web form", import template and then bring in a pull down and assign a matching name.

But I have no idea where to find the name of the existing field for category. There is no list with categories in my sharepoint, just whatever is standard part of HelpDesk installation in out tenant.

Any help, please? Many thanks in advance.

Hello Mario! You need to find the internal name of the column that you want to set through the widget. In this case it is the 'Category' column. Open the settings of the 'Tickets' list, open the accordant column and check the URL for the internal name:

Then, when designing the form for the widget, name the drop-down field accordantly:

It should have the same options as the HelpDesk field.

Hi Evgeniy.

Many thanks, this did the trick. I really appreciate the clear instructions and swift response.
You guys are really providing A+ support. Based on the quality of your support, my boss already approved the HelpDesk subscription when the trial ends.

Just one more quick question, please.
I still have to define the values in the options field in the Webform designer and match the Category names in the list, right? It won't pull it automatically from the list, it just saves the value and it has to match the existing values in the tickets list? Just maing sure that's the way it's supposed to work.Once again, many thanks!!

Thank you for the kind words, Mario! Yes, you are right: you need to set manually the same options you have in the 'Category' column of the 'Tickets' list. Just copy them and paste in the form:

There is no automatic pulling data out-of-the-box. Most likely, it is possible with custom JavaScript code and REST API calls to SharePoint but I do not think that it is worth efforts.

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Yet again, many thanks! Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the links to the wiki.

You deserve all the praise, it's really rare to get support like you guys provide. Kudos and keep up the good work! :wink:

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