Add user to Sharepoint group without automatic email sending

When a user is added to a group through the Plumsail action an automatic email is sent to notify the user they have been added to the SharePoint site. Is there a way to stop this behavior. If not will it ever be an available option?

When a new user is added to the group in the SharePoint site itself it is possible to not send this email invitation, so I was looking for something along this lines.

João, thank you for the valuable suggestion! I've passed it to our development team and will notify you about results of discussion.

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João, we have added the feature to our road-map and it will be implemented in two months approximately. If you need it urgent, we can suggest you paid support for $200 and the feature will be implemented in two weeks after payment.

When will this feature be available? This is one of the requirement I need as well. I am adding users based on some field like a To and CC but each time its sending an email and I cant find an option in the flow to stop sending the emails. Any suggestion or work around?

Hello Ramiz. I am sorry for this terrible delay. I have contactec developers to answer your question. Regarding another feature you need additionally, I don't quite understand what you mean: for now, it seems that you would like to avoid sending e-mails when a user is added to a group with the Plumsail action. But it is the initial feature request. Could you provide me with more details/screenshots for better understanding?

Hi @Evgeniy
I am looking for avoid sending email feature only for now.

Hi E,

It's been sometime since this request was raised - has this feature been implemented, or is it still "in development"?

Rob & the Team

Hello Rob! The feature is not yet implemented and there is no a due date for this. It is just added to our road-map and we will get to this some time when the tasks of higher priority are done. I will update this post when the feature is implemented.