Add user to sharepoint group without notifications

I'm using "Add User to Sharepoint Group" action but I don't want they receiving email notifications when they have been added.
How I can achieve this target?

Thank you.

Hello Stefano! Unfortunately, there is no such option for now. I have asked developers about it and will notify you once I get a reply from them.

Hello @Evgeniy
thank you for your reply.
I made a lot of test and I saw that the email is sending every time even if a user is already in that group :frowning:
This is very frustating because my users get a notification each time the flow run but they don't need to receive it!
Please let me know asap because I need to know how I can manage this situation.
Thank you again :pray:t2:

Hello! The option of sending e-mail is added but for now it is available only in a custom connector.

This is very helpful! I'll try it!
Do you know if will be shortly available even in the default connector?

I tried few seconds ago and it works perfectly!
Can I use this custom connector even in production environments or I could have some problem/errors in future?
Thank you!

You can use it. The custom connector provides access to an official build that has not yet been published in Power Automate due to Mircrosoft routine. It may take several weeks before the feature will be available in the official connector.

All right.
Thank you again for your support!

Hi @Evgeniy
do you have some news about the official build in Power Automate?
Thank you.

Hello Stefano! It should be available in a month or two.