Anyone using this with 365 GCC HIGH?

I have been looking for a helpdesk solution but with 365 GCC HIGH so locked down I can't find one that would fit our needs. This one looks promising. Does anyone know if it's fully GCC High Compatible and completely self-contained within that environment? I can't have anything passing through other email systems or using other clouds.

Hello Dan! Unfortunately, we do not have an opportunity to test this compatibility. Please try to install HelpDesk. You will have a free 30-days trial period which can be extended by your request if you need it. During this period you can test the workability of the product under the restrictions of GCC High. We will appreciate it if you share your experience in this discussion.

Can you at least speak to whether you believe everything should be self-contained within Office365/Azure environment that we install it into? Anything coming or going from outside of that environment is problematic for us. If you believe it is, I can give it a try.

HelpDesk will definitely contact our servers to process tickets, new comments and execute triggers, scheduled tasks and SLA policies. If any external connection with any service is blocked, then indeed it will not work. For the full isolation, there is HelpDesk for SharePoint on-premises. It is totally self-contained.

It's not that we can't connect outside resources, but we have a lot of rules about information being sent outside the company. Is their any user data that passes though your systems, or is all just trigger-type stuff?

  1. If a user gets to a ticket field (being a requester or an assignee), HelpDesk will process his/her name and e-mail address as properties related to the ticket.
  2. The e-mail messages related to tickets will be processed on our servers to be added as comments or sent as notifications to other participants of the discussion. All data will be encrypted on all stages of the process (transferring and processing). We do not store any data on our servers - only process them to provide the service. Once it is done, they are deleted from our servers permanently.
  3. Also, when renewing the client secret through the HelpDesk interface, you will be requested to enter the global admin credentials. It is optional, you can request us a PowerShell script and use the global admin credentials in the Microsoft authentication windows. Thus, the credentials from your environment will not get to our servers.

Also, you may find useful this article on the data protection and security.

I'm not sure that is going to work for us unfortunately. GCC HIGH (besides having some restrictions) keeps all data on servers within the US, where regular Azure is replicated all over.. If the email processing could be done using Exchange Online within our tenent, that would be much better. I just need it to be more of a plug-in that would keep it more contained that 365 GCC HIGH environment, but I realize you probably don't have a lot of requests for that.

We will implement using Outlook mailbox instead of forwarding messages as it is now, but anyway the very processing can't be used by the mail service itself. It will require providing access for our server to the dedicated mailbox, to the contents of the messages. So, indeed, the self-contained cloud service is not available for now. But anyway, I reported your request to the developers. Perhaps, if we receive more such ones, we will add supporting the GCC HIGH to our road map.

So on premises is completely self-contained? Could we just plug the help desk into azure as its own thing?

Hello! Yes, HelpDesk for on-premises does not have any connections to our servers, it is deployed fully in your environment. If you mean plugging HelpDesk into Azure of your Microsoft 365 environment, then it won't work: the HelpDesk application installed on your end is supposed to send calls to our servers for performing certain tasks. Our back-end part can't be deployed in Azure or wherever else in your tenant.