API Key stopped working

Hello dear Community,

im running a Microsoft Flow with the plumsail Api.
Until yesterday everything worked fine. Since then i can no longer run the Flow sucessfully.

The error provided is:

“error”: {
“code”: “AuthorizationException”,
“message”: “You are using Actions API key to make a call which is prohibited for current endpoint. Try to use a different key”,
“date”: “2018-11-20T07:59:18.6871222Z”

My flow did not changed so i dont know why that problem occures.

greetings midi

Hello @midi,

Thanks for the question.

Probably you have a SharePoint API key to make calls to Documents connector, it was allowed before splitting the products, but now it is changed. Please create a new document’s key and use it in the documents connector.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team


Hello Petr,

you were 100% right! Thx for helping me.



I have the same issue. Could you please advise me on how you created the document key.
Thank you

Hello, @Metasebia_Tadesse

Here are articles on creating an API key and using it in Microsoft Flow. Below there are a bit more screenshots for you with creating the API key.

Please go to account.plumsail.com, login and click "Documents".

Select an "API Keys" section and click on "Add new" button.

Give it some name.

And copy the created API key to use in MS Flow.