Assign to Agent with EXTERNAL e-mail address

I have an external partner IT company who provide a lot of desktop, network and voice support to our organisation, as well as others. They have a support desk e-mail obviously.

I would like to be able to set them up as an agent in my O365 helpdesk so that I can assign some tickets to them and they go to their (external) e-mail address.

How can I do this?


Hello! Please use the default sharing of SharePoint site with external users.

  1. Open the HelpDesk site and go to site permissions:

  2. Open the Microsoft 365 group (members):

  3. Add a new member (you will be redirected to Outlook):

  4. Use the e-mail of the external Microsoft account:

  1. If required, edit guest user's information in the Microsoft 365 admin centre:

  2. Create a contact in HelpDesk with an agent or member role and associate it with the guest account:

Then, the guest account will have access to your HelpDesk site with accordant permissions of the SharePoint Members group.


thanks for the quick response, but unfortunately I don't get the option to do anything when I click on the Members group. All I see is the one Plumsail person who has helped me in the past, and I don't get any form to click to add members. No matter what I click I just get Vladimir's contact info. I am signed in with my admin credentials.


It seems that you can share the site only, please try it:


You should use the default SharePoint external sharing. More information on it you can find in the accordant Microsoft documentation.