Attachment Arrays into Helpdesk "Create a Ticket" Using Power Automate


I'm trying to use power automate to add attachments to a ticket when it is created but it's not working. The process I'm using works for attachments to an email but fails when I try it on the "create a ticket".

What I have is this:

Which creates an attachment array of any attachments added.

When added into a "Send Email" it works perfectly:

But it fails when added to the Plumsail connector:

This seems to be suggesting an issue with the API I'm using for the connector and/or is saying the API does not have matching fields. The API is a read/write and successfully raises tickets without any issue if they don't have attachments.

This may be related to my question ticket here: Add a Private Note Using Power Automate

Which also seems to be indicating that it cannot handle custom JSON, I may try deleting and remaking the API for the connector but is there anything else more obviously wrong with this?

I made a new API and tried with that and it did not solve either issue.

I HAVE SOLVED THIS. My JSON was incorrect for the Plumsail Create a ticket it needs to be this:

So If you require it to email the attachments AND to raise them in Plumsail you need to initialize two DIFFRENT array variables.

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