Attempting to create customer widget with addtional ticket fields

Hi There i made a custom widget using Plumsail Forms
That form id is 11140dca-2f07-4692-9f42-c370b6455d32

I can get this form to sucessfully appear in my customer portal ( just a sharepoint page with the widget attached)

But no ticket submits when i press submit, Not sure what im doing wrong here and cant quite work it out.

do I also need these fields on the helpdesk ticketing system? if so how do you change that

Hi @somv,
Yes, in order to add custom fields to a HelpDesk ticket, you need to create new columns in the Ticket list first. You will there need to add it to the Ticket form first (otherwise, you agents won't be able to see the new ticket information in the ticket forms in the HelpDesk interface). Please take a look at our documentation article on how it's done.
After this, you can customize the widget forms. Judging from your screenshot, you're using the Plumsai Forms to create a Public web form using the Web designer. Please note that this won't work with SharePoint! You need to create or customize the SharePoint forms. The best start would be to open the default widget form and customize it. Please consider reading this article on how the widget form is customized.
Please try following the article and let us know if you experience any problems!

I am using Forms for sharepoint just through the web interface. thats the only subscription i payed for

Hi @somv,
Sorry, I stand corrected. You need to edit the widget form as a Public form, which is what you're actually trying to do as the web designer only works with Public forms. In order to edit the SharePoint forms, you need to download the desktop designer.
I believe the problem might be in your form field names. When adding custom field, make sure that control internal name matches internal name of corresponding field in SharePoint list (the Ticket list for the Ticket form and Comment list for the Comment form) . You can learn how to find the internal name of the field in this article.