Automatically add Tags

Dear community,

How can I automatically add tags to tickets i.e.
ticket is opened and in the message, the word "Onedrive" is included, how can we automatically add the tag to this ticket?

We have tags like: Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Active Directory and so on.

Regards and thank you.

Hello Carlos! I would advise you to check whether the initial comment of the ticket matches a regular expression. Please note that there is a bug that requires the 'match' condition to be the last, we will fix it soon.

Im getting this error:

Please correct condition. Syntax is invalid: Syntax error in regular expression " [(?mi)onedrive]": Note that you should wrap the regular expression in the {YOUR_REGEX} structure.

where do i find the structure?

You need to use escaped curly braces at the beginning and end of the regular expression: