Bad Request when inviting external users



I do have a little problem inviting external users to a folder in O365 SP.

It works flawlessly with an account from another company, but if I use it to invite users from, say, a “normal” microsoft or a gmail address I get a bad request. Funny thing is, manually it’s working.

Error Body:
“error”: {
“code”: “ApplicationResultException”,
“message”: “The user has insufficient permissions to create an invitation.”,
“date”: “2019-05-06T16:10:30.9826607Z”
External sharing for authenticated users is activated.

Has anyone else experienced this or maybe even a solution?
Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hello @TaxusLapis,

The Action Invite External User to SharePoint uses an account tied to the Actions API key. Could you try to create a new Actions API key under the admin account and a test flow which uses the connection? Please give it a try and let us know the results.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team


Perfect, Thanks a lot for the fast reply. That really helped.