Best method to remove Dashboard Designer from SPO?

I installed the Dashboard Designer app into a SharePoint Online sandbox sub-site for testing the functionality. I no longer need this site for testing, but I’m unable to delete the site since the app is still installed. I don’t see the normal REMOVE option from the Site Contents menu and I’ve already removed the App Permissions for this app from the site. Are there any recommended methods to remove the App?

Unfortunately, SharePoint modern UI still does not support removing apps. Please, switch into classic mode (find the link in the lower left corner of the Site contents page) and remove the app from the classic mode.

That worked. Thanks for the help.

Dmitry, I uninstalled the dashboard designer app but I still see the Plumsail chart web app. Do you know how to uninstall that?

Could you show us a screenshot of the app? So we understand better what part exactly you want to remove. Thank you.

Here is a screenshot. It’s in the top bar of the edit page.

Ahh, unfortunately, you might need to install the app once again to disable the icon. To hide it, you’ll need to go to Site Contents, click on the Dashboard Designer app and go to Dashboard Designer page. There you need to click Remove Plumsail Chart button from classic pages.

Then you can delete the app once again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, I’ll try that out. Thanks for the reply!