Broken Install

Encountered an issue where updating the workflow actions pack has broken workflows on a site - all workflows now error out with the ‘can’t retrieve actions’ message. Forcing the update does not help and can’t uninstall - uninstalling actually causes a crash.

From the ULS logs it appears that a ghosted ‘dateformat’ element is not properly provisioned to the content db. ULS excerpts - this error happens with either of the dateformat files, ‘actions4’ or ‘dateformat.xaml’:


Could not get DocumentContent row: 0x80004005.

Cannot open file “Workflows/DateFormat/DateFormat.actions4”.
Cannot open file “Workflows/DateFormat/DateFormat.actions4”. c147ab9d-c3a8-d058-3fbb-a5f2986344f9

The dateformat files are in the features directory. Your help would be greatly appreciated - this is blocking production work.

Hello Khardy,

Could you please try to activate the feature manually, for this please run the following command in SharePoint Management Shell:
Enable-SPFeature -Identity “22bb2cee-2403-4b7c-818e-9078b11a218b” -Url “http://yoursite/url” -Force