Broken Widget Form Not Loading in SharePoint

Hi — For the last week all widget forms embedded in SharePoint do not finish loading. We have removed it and re-added it, as well as use the default ID, yet no results. The widget form continues to load without finishing.

It's unclear from our end if this error was triggered by a recent update to version 2.1.27.

Our team found these errors (see attached images and link below), what do we need to do to resolve the widget?

Hello Connor! You mentioned that issue in ticket SP33205. If the issue occurs on the widget loading, we need only logs and network data (a HAR file). If it occurs when you try to create a new ticket or add a comment in the widget and if you use customised forms, we need the latter (export them in your Plumsail account and share the files). To collect the logs and network data, please follow the instruction below and provide the data in the mentioned ticket or raise a new one.


Load the page in incognito mode, open developer tools (F12), switch to the ‘Network’ tab, press Ctr+R and reproduce the issue. Then export a HAR file:


Switch to the ‘Console’ tab, open the context menu of any record and save the logs:


Share the collected data: they will provide more information for developers to research.

Thanks, Evgeniy, I'll provide those through the ticket.

Connor, I repeat my reply from the ticket here for the reference of other users.

As regards the widget issue, it is caused by a wrong HelpDesk package uploaded to your SharePoint app catalogue: you have it for the US server while your tenant is registered for the EU one. Please delete the existing package and upload the required one following this instruction.

The region of the HelpDesk does not depend on your actual location or regional settings of your Microsoft 365 tenant. It is a new feature which has not been yet announced (but will be soon). When installing HelpDesk first time, users will be offered to choose the HelpDesk server location that would prefer. After they selected one and installed the first HelpDesk site, the region can’t be changed by customer, it is necessary to contact