Canned Responses on Help Desk Widget Form

Is there any way to add the "Canned Responses" to the description Help Desk Widget form like it is displayed directly logged into the Help Desk?

My goal is adding some templates users could select from. So if that is not possible would I be able to pull text from another list or column somewhere else and populate it in the Description field?

Hello Chase! Unfortunately, for now, the widget doesn't support canned reponses. Also, the widgets use public forms so they do not have access to your SharePoint environment. Could you describe in more details your use case? I will pass it to developers and perhaps, they will add it to their road-map. What sort of information requires using the canned responses by end-users?

Hello E! Yes so this would be a scenario in which an end user could select from the drop down a list of issue templates. For example if a user had a "Printer Issue" the description box would get filled with a template like "Printer Name: / Location: / Issue: ". Basically some prompts for specific information from the user. Let me know if that makes sense! Thanks for the response as well!

Perhaps, you would prefer to configure dynamic forms with JavaScript. Here are some samples that might help you in this case.

UPD: I mean dynamic adding-hiding some elements depending on the selected value in a field.