Canned Responses / Ticket Numbering missing in on-prem?

Is it possible to have canned responses on the on-premise Sharepoint 2019 version? Also I can't specify ticket numbering scheme.

Background: we were using a trial of HelpDesk on Sharepoint Online, but the platform has been screwed up for almost 2 weeks now and we need to get a HelpDesk up and running so I installed Sharepoint on-prem and am trying to get it configured for the users.

Hello, Glenn.

Unfortunately, for now HelpDesk for SP on-premises is behind the one for SPO: the former has the same features as version 1.3.x of the latter. The canned responses and custom numbering were implemented only in versions 1.4.x and 1.5.x respectively.

Regarding HelpDesk for SPO, we released a new version of the wizard so it should be installed correctly now. In some cases, you may need to follow the instruction in the wizard and to upload a HelpDesk package manually (the link to download it will be provided in the wizard).

Thanks for the improvements to the installer!

Unfortunately O365's sharepoint has been mercilessly throttled for 3 days now and we can't operate like that so our only other option is on-prem.

Are the 1.4/1.5.x features coming to on-prem, or has development stopped in favor of SPO?

HelpDesk for SharePoint 2019 definitely will be developed further so the features will be equalized with the version for SharePoint Online (including support of modern UI), but it doesn't refer to the version for SP2013/2016. For the latter, we will fix only critical bugs if such ones are detected. I will ask developers about the planned release time.

The new version for SP2019 will be probably released in the second quarter 2020.